PHILFEJA members attend 22nd ASCOJA conference in Malaysia; 3 product innovations win awards

The PHILFEJA delegation to the 22nd ASCOJA conference held in Malaysia (Photo: G. Ferma)

The PHILFEJA delegation to the 22nd ASCOJA conference held in Malaysia (Photo: G. Ferma)

With nearly 400 total registered delegates, the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA), comprised one of the largest delegation with 44 participants who joined 22nd Conference of the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) held on September 30 to October 2, 2016 at E-City Hotel@One City in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia with the theme “ASEAN-Japan: Bridging Cultural Ties in Trade, Tourism and Technology.”

The conference, which also featured the Asian Japan Alumni (ASJA) International Symposium, was organized by the Japan Graduates Association of Malaysia (JAGAM) a year after it was held in Manila with the successful hosting by PHILFEJA under the leadership of Mr. Philip Sanvictores. The conference’s other major highlight was the holding of Japan Graduates’ Invention Exhibition with the theme “Japan Graduates Impact Lives”. The three PHILFEJA members’ product exhibitions won major awards.

The presentation of product invention-innovation awards to PHILFEJA delegates.

The presentation of product invention-innovation awards to PHILFEJA delegates.

Strengthening trade, tourism, technology and heart-to-heart relationship

In his opening speech, Dr. Ooi Chee Keong, JAGAM president and ASCOJA chairman, explained that “the conference will provide the opportunity to discuss how Japan and ASEAN can work together in trade, tourism and technology for mutual benefit as it provides platform not only to share knowledge but also to foster better relationship and understanding among member countries.” His speech was followed by the keynote message of Y.B.Dato Seri Ong Ka Chuan, Malaysia’s second minister of international trade and industry. He described how “Japan remained as ASEAN’s third largest trading partner and the second largest source of foreign direct investment inflows.” He expects that these rankings will be strengthened substantially with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community and with the establishment of closer economic ties through various agreements such as the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement as well as the bilateral agreements signed between individual SAEAN member states with Japan.

The congratulatory message of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also read during the opening ceremonies. He said that “for the coming years from the next fiscal year, Japan will receive a total of 1,000 university students from ASEAN countries at leading-edge laboratories of post-graduate courses of universities.” This, he said, “will reinvigorate exchanges of talented brains, expected to shape our future, and will push up innovation in Asia.” In the same vein, Japan’s former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda assured ASCOJA of Japan’s continued support through the “sincere activities conducted by Asian Japan Alumni (ASJA), the Japanese counterpart of ASCOJA.” In a message read on his behalf, he said that the “heart-to-heart relationship have been central to the basic philosophy of ASCOJA since its foundation and will remain so going forward.”

Conference Highlights

The three-day 22nd ASCOJA conference was also highlighted by an ASCOJA council meeting, a welcome reception, city tour and golf tournament. It was concluded by a dinner hosted by Japan ambassador to Malaysia-Dr. Miyagawa Makio, an invention awards presentation and ASCOJA members’ cultural performance, In the ASJA international symposium, Dr. Philip Ian P. Padilla, PHILAJAMES vice president, represented PHILFEJA by presenting a paper entitled “State of Science and Technology Education in the Philippines”.

The PHILFEJA delegates in a group photo and the well-applauded cultural performance presentation directed by Lavi Penaverde and Dr. Gay Paller during the ASCOJA conference ’s farewell dinner (Photo: G. Ferma)

The PHILFEJA delegates in a group photo and the well-applauded cultural performance presentation directed by Lavi Penaverde and Dr. Gay Paller during the ASCOJA conference ’s farewell dinner (Photo: G. Ferma)

Major Exhibition Awards Garnered

In the invention exhibition, PHILFEJA showcased three product innovations. These were the following: “Bioorganic Fertilizers: Working with Microbes for Agricultural production Sufficiency” by Dr. Mannix S. Pedro and “Increasing Crop Productivity with Vesicular Asbuscular Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant (VAMRI)” by Dr. Marilyn Brown. Dr. Pedro and Dr. Brown are both Japan-trained researchers at the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), University of the Philippines Los Baños. On the other hand, Mr. Dan Leonard L. Rayo, president, PHILCULTAROS and Jose Clemente H. Zulueta, IT professional and expert of Samba Corporation and Portal 4 Youth Foundation, Inc. presented “SAMBACiTIES – an online directory dedicated in promoting tourism and businesses in the ASEAN Region and Japan. ” This innovation aspires in making businesses of ASCOJA members readily accessible to a broader community to provide value to its membership.

The viewing of PHILFEJA and other ASEAN chapters’ booth during the ASCOJA’s Japan Graduates Invention Exhibition .

The viewing of PHILFEJA and other ASEAN chapters’ booth during the ASCOJA’s Japan Graduates Invention Exhibition .

PHILFEJA members’ innovation exhibition garnered medals and certificates as follows:

International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) certificate of award;
Invention award gold medal;
ASCOJA invention award medal
“Increasing Crop Productivity with Vesicular Asbuscular
Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant (VAMRI)”, by Dr. Mannix Pedro
Invention award silver medal;
ASCOJA invention award medal
“Bioorganic Fertilizers: Working with Microbes for Agricultural
production Sufficiency”, by Dr. Marilyn Brown
Invention award silver medal;
ASCOJA invention award medal
“SAMBACiTIES – an online directory dedicated in promoting tourism
and businesses in the ASEAN Region and Japan”, by Jose Clemente
H. Zulueta & Dan Leonard L. Rayo

Onward to 23rd ASCOJA Conference in Brunei!

As the conference approaches to its conclusion, conference delegates felt the celebration of success, warm friendship and hospitality, understanding and harmony. Finally, they realized ASEAN’s unity in spite of diversity and the social and economic relevance of Japan alumni in more years to come as they witnessed the memento presentation and handover ceremony with Brunei Association of Japan Alumni (BAJA), host of ASCOJA 23rd conference.

Conducting the ASCOJA conference in tandem with the ASJA symposium and Japan alumni exhibition of technology and innovation was a bold act and challenging task to do for these demonstrate the significant impact and contribution of Japan alumni in the ASEAN communities. “It was indeed a very enjoyable experience. My family had a grand time here”, says Dr. Ma. Luisa Enriquez, professor at DLSU and past president of PHILAJAMES.

The PHILFEJA delegation in the 22nd ASCOJA conference, Malaysia. Kampai!!

The PHILFEJA delegation in the 22nd ASCOJA conference, Malaysia. Kampai!!

PHILFEJA Elects New President, Amends By-laws in Annual Members’ Assembly

The Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) elected University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Dean and Professor of Economics, Dr. Jose V. Camacho as its new president during its annual members’ assembly held last July 30, 2016 at the Amb. Jose S. Laurel III Hall in Dominion Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. Also central in the assembly was the submission of the amended articles of incorporation and by-laws of the organization, which all members approved unanimously.

Speaking to the General Assembly, Dr. Camacho encouraged members to support the major activities of PHILFEJA in the coming fiscal year. These include the 22nd ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) Conference scheduled on September 30-October 2, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur; the 40th Anniversary of PHILFEJA; and the Asia-Japan Alumni (ASJA)-PHILFEJA Symposium tentatively scheduled in February 2017.

Outgoing PHILFEJA President, Philip B. Sanvictores, presided over the meeting and presented his report for the fiscal years 2014-2016. As for the Board of Trustees, the following incumbent members were elected to serve for the fiscal year 2016-2017 until their successors are qualified and duly elected:


# Name of Trustee Association


The auditing firm of Diaz, Murillo, Dalupan & Company was designated as PHILFEJA independent external auditors for the same fiscal year.




PHILFEJA Annual Members’ Assembly July 2016 – Minutes of the Meeting
PHILFEJA Annual Members’ Assembly July 2016 – Photo Album
PHILFEJA Annual Members’ Assembly July 2016 – List of Attendees

Symposium on Monozukuri – Jakarta, Indonesia (Dec 18-20, 2015)

By: Gian M. Vibal – PHILCULTAROS

Day 1

After arriving at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, we were picked up by the hosts from Indonesia together with Malaysian delegate, Law Yean Kok. Despite the long trip from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, to Jakarta, we were pleased by how organized the airport pickup was. Not to mention, the scrumptious boxed meal of Indonesian desserts that we received while waiting for our ride to our hotel.

(Source: instagram seenbygian)(Source: instagram seenbygian)
(Source: instagram seenbygian)

Inside the cab, we had the chance to chat with the driver and Mr. Law Yean Kok about the similarities between Bahasa and Tagalog which kept us busy while braving the traffic. Soon enough, we reached an uphill leading us to the drop-off point of our accommodation—Hotel Sultan.


That was the first word that came to our minds upon entering the lobby. We were provided keys to our own separate rooms as we registered for the event. The hosts welcomed us warmly with genuine smiles and handshakes.

Warm welcome– check.

Lavish accommodation– check.

Spacious room for one–


After appreciating our individual rooms and freshening up for the welcoming dinner, the participants and hosts came to the dining hall batch by batch.

At 7 PM, The “Persada” formally opened the event. There were round tables and a decent array of Indonesian cuisine to choose from. Delegates from different South-East Asian countries took this chance to network and talk about our involvements, our respective alumni societies—milestones and plans, even our common interests, ending up with casual pictorials. Sato Jiro Sensei thanked all participants for attending the event. After his speech, the hosts requested each participant to introduce himself in front of everyone and state the alumni society he/she represents. Moreover, we were pleased to have cultural exchanges with other participants which helped us better understand some differences and similarities among South-East Asian countries.

It was a fun dinner coupled with collaborative talks among delegates and this prepared us well for another information-packed day to come.

3 4 5
Day 2

Getting up from a cozy room, we had buffet for breakfast and immediately prepared for the symposium proper. All of us were picked up by a bus to Darma Persada University where the symposium will take place. The ride was convenient.

6 7

Upon arriving at 8:45 in the morning, we were welcomed by the student hosts in charge of the registration. There were seat designations and each participant was provided an ID and a kit that includes the compiled presentations of the speakers.

8 9

The symposium was divided into three sessions—The Philosophy of Monozukuri, Monozukuri from Industrial Practitioner Point of View and The Future of Monozukuri.

For the first session, Mr. Heru Santoso talked about Monozukuri in Indonesia; while Mr. Daiki Kasugahara discussed it from JETRO’s point of view; Dr. Dadang Solihin talked about Darma Persada’s Monozukuri education while Dr. Ruttikorn Varakulsiripunth tackled Monozukuri education in Thai Nichi Institute.

For the second session, Mr. Takao Yajima, Mr. Eichi Abe, Mr. Hartaman Ariesanto, Mr. Makoto Takahashi, Mr. Petrus Tedja Hapsoro and F.X. Sri Martono talked about the existence of Monozukuri in their respective companies (Flex Japan Group, EPSON, Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association, ASTRA)

Lastly, for the third session, Mr. Tatsuhiko Hayashi shared how Industry 4.0 affects the future of the Auto Industry and Mr. Takuya Shimura ended the symposium with his talk on “HRD and Monozukuri”.

10 11

Every after portion, we were given coffee breaks and lunch breaks furthering our chances to network and talk with other people. The speakers explained the concept of monozukuri in different ways coming from their own perspectives and experiences. It was a privilege to attend the event with such an interesting topic. We learned a lot about the Japanese concept of about how to create things not focusing on the item but on the person’s skills and on his/her innovative method of making it. Moreover, there is also this concept of hitozukuri which focuses on the person and how he/she undergoes a process that manifests the ingredients of personal maturation needed to improve one’s craftsmanship. Through the talks, we have somehow seen how these principles are reflected in the speakers’ work environments and realized how the application of these concepts perpetuates innovation in manufacturing. The symposium ended at around 5 PM.

PHILCULTAROS (Philippine Cultural and Technical Association of Returned Overseas Scholars), a member association of PHILFEJA represented the Philippines in the ASJA-Persada Symposium on Monozukuri held from 18-20 December 2015  in Jakarta, Indonesia .  This article is the full report of Mr. Rayo to PHILFEJA on his participation in the Symposium and is published in this website with his permission.

PHILFEJA, PHILJEC host Kansai Keizai Douyukai Study Mission (Dec 3, 2015)

The Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) and the Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation Committee (PHILJEC) hosted a Dialogue with members of the Asia Human Resource Committee of the Kansai Keizai Douyukai 関西経済同友会, held December 3, 2015 at the Ambassador Jose S. Laurel III Hall, 3rd Floor Dominion Building, Makati City.

 Kansai Keizai Douyukai dispatched a study mission to Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines to assess human resource development needs, especially in light of shifting demographics in Japan and ASEAN.  Of particular interest to the Japanese visitors was the state and direction of Nihongo training in the Philippines.

 The dialogue was moderated by PHILFEJA President Philip B. Sanvictores.  The panelists who engaged in the Dialogue were:

Name Company Designation Organization / Position
1 Mr. Roberto L. Castillo EEI Corporation President/CEO PHILJEC. Chairman
2 Mr. Gerard B. Sanvictores Quantum Group Chairman/CEO PHILJEC. Co-Chairman
3 Mr. JJ Soriano Soriano Projects & Ventures CEO PHILJEC. Sec-Gen
4 Atty. Eusebio V. Tan ACCRA Law Managing Partner PHILJEC. Former Chairman
5 Atty. Jose Vicente E. Jimenez JG Law – Bello Valdez Caluya & Fernandez Senior Partner PHILJEC. Trustee
6 Atty. Carrie Bee Hao Romulo Mabanta Law Office Partner, Japan Desk PHILJEC. Trustee
7 Mr. Richard I. Osmond Science Park of the PH, Inc. Executive VP & GM PHILJEC. Trustee
8 Mr. Philip B. Sanvictores Netmarks Philippines President PHILFEJA. President
PHILJEC. Trustee
9 Engr. Ernie Abrenica Abcor Industrial President PHILFEJA. Former President
10 Mr. Domingo Go Metrobank Vice-President PHILFEJA. Director
11 Mrs. Marilen L. Loinaz Philippines-Japan Friendship Foundation, Inc. Administrator PHILJEC-PHILFEJA  Secretariat
12 Mrs. Glenda T. Ferma Deputy Administrator
1 Mr. Yoichi Kobayashi Itochu Corporation Senior Advisor Committee Chairman
2 Mr. Mamoru Tanaka MIRAIT Technologies Senior Corporate Officer Committee Member
3 Mr Yoshitaka Saga Osaka Gas Co., Ltd/ Manager Committee Member
4 Mr. Fumitada Ito Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kansai Corporate Adm & Development Dept Committee Member
5 Mr. Kasuya Sumita NTT West Corp Manager Committee Member
6 Mr. Kazushi Kono Itochu Corp Manila Branch General Manager Committee Member
7 Ms. Yoshiko Matoba Itochu Corp Gen Manager, Adm & Devt Dept Staff
8 Ms. Masako Tsukada Itochu Corp Adm & Devt Dept Staff


After the dialogue, PHILJEC Chairman Bobby Castillo graciously hosted dinner for the conferees at the El Cirkulo restaurant.

ASJA-ASCOJA Symposium Series Launched

ASJA International of Japan announced in early October the schedule of four symposia to be held in association with counterpart ASCOJA associations in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Highlights of the Series –

ASJA-ASCOJA Symposium Series for FY 2015 (ending 31 March 2016)


Country JAV
Date 10-13 December 2015 (F) 18-19 December 2015 (F-Sn) 19-20 February 2016 (F-Sn) 4 March 2016 (Sat)
Venue ULIS-SUNHWA, University of Languages & Intenational Studies (VNU), Hanoi Graha Wikta Bakti Hall, Darma Persada Univeristy, Jakarta Kingpetch Room, Asia Hotel, Bangkok Japanese Association, Singapore
Theme Japan ASEAN International Symposium on Education Implementation of Monozukuri Spirit for Local Industries in ASEAN Contemporary Japanese Language Teaching in ASEAN and Possible Roles of ASCOJA Chapters in Promoting Japanese Language for Business Practices under AEC Talent Management and Globalization – the impact on ASEAN and Japan

All ASCOJA Chapter Associations are invited to attend the 2015 ASCOJA Symposium Series, where travel and lodging costs for two (2) official delegates from each country-association will be provided by ASJA International. PHILFEJA will be participating in these symposia with nominations to be provided by the following associations:

Country JAV
Date 10-13 December 2015 (F) 18-19 December 2015 (F-Sn) 19-20 February 2016 (F-Sn) 4 March 2016 (Sat)
Theme International Symposium on Education Monozukuri for ASEAN Industries Contemporary Japanese Language Teaching in ASEAN Talent Management and Globalization

Click this link for a more detailed prospectus of the Series.

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