NCF-PIJLC Student Spotlight: Roselda Nomura

Our former student, Roselda Nomura, is now able to use her Japanese while living in Japan with her family and working as the PTA President at her child’s elementary school.

Roselda-san took Japanese Elementary 1 & 2 under Frances Mendoza Sensei, Elementary 3 & 4 under Jon Espiritu Sensei, and Intermediate 1 to 4 under Alfred Sensei.

We’re proud of you, Roselda-san! 頑張って!


Click on the links below to watch a recording of her televised interview:

PHILJEC Holds 2019 General Meeting

PHILJEC held its Annual General Membership Meeting last May 16, 2019 at Electra House Building in Makati City. Chairman Atty. Aniceto G. Saludo, Jr. headed the meeting, which also included the election of new officers for the Board of Trustees and its organizational meeting immediately after the election.

The current officers of PHILJEC:

Gerard B. Sanvictores                                            Chairman
Edwin L. Umali                                                  Co-Chairman
Richard Albert I. Osmond                                Co-Chairman
JJ Samuel A. Soriano                                 Secretary-General
Ferdinand A. Ferrer                                                Treasurer
Atty. Jose Vicente E. Jimenez, Jr.           Assistant Secretary
Ma. Elena L. Loinaz                               Assistant Treasurer
Glenda T. Ferma                                                  Coordinator

Annual reports on the activities of PHILJEC were also submitted by the Chairman and the Treasurer, and acts of the Board of Trustees and Officers from April 11, 2018 to 15 May 2019 were also ratified during the meeting.

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